LandSky is a Community Interest Company (Company Number  8049082). LandSky promotes community involvement in the arts and media. We initiate or lend support to projects which build participation and learning, with artists, practitioners and audiences working together. Our registered address is LandSky C.I.C., 71 Southborough Road, London E9 7EE.  Telephone Landsky on 020 8985 7378 You can email Landsky at or CLICK HERE LandSky's founders are: Penny Wrout Producer and film-maker, and for many years a journalist with BBC News. Joanna de Guia Books seller and event organiser who runs VICTORIA PARK BOOKS. Jan Lower Actor and film-maker who is managing director of ELBOW PRODUCTIONS. Jennifer Konko Actor and fashion retailer, who runs SUBLIME.   LandSky   works   with   a   number   of   associates,   selected   to   collaborate   and bring   their   particular   skills   to   relevant   projects.      When   appropriate   we seek   to   work   with   young   people   starting   out   on   their   careers,   offering work   experience   and   internships.      We   also   work   with   volunteers   on   an occasional basis.
LandSky copyright 2017
Carey Oppenheim is now Chief Executive at the Early Years Foundation.   Prior to that she combined work as a part-time history and politics teacher with her freelance policy and management consultancy. Her previous roles include Co-director of the Institute of Public Policy Research and Special Advisor to Tony Blair in the Number 10 Policy Unit. Carey wrote and presented a podcast for the RSA which was produced by LandSky. 
Katherine Igoe-Ewer has a Masters in Modern Literature from the University of Sussex. She interned with LandSky in 2012 and 2013, assisting with the London Requiem performance and fundraising for our Town Hall Tales Festival.
Sita Thomas is a freelance filmmaker, presenter and PhD scholar at the University of Warwick where her research examines British Black and Asian Shakespeare. She has created films for the Royal Shakespeare Company, National Theatre, and BBC London News. Sita also works as a Bollywood dancer and choreographer, most recently as Assistant Choreographer for BBC3 Bollywood Carmen. Sita has worked as Production Assistant for LandSky and is looking forward to future collaborations.