Old Industry
          The way it was
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Matchbox toy production at Lesney’s factory in the 1960s.
Many residents in Bow and Hackney Wick recall a time when tough, physical labour or assembly-line shift work were the norm. 
It’s striking that pay was the primary motivation.  The sociability of work and the chance for women to earn their own money also feature strongly.
We gathered our first interviews at the Trowbridge Pensioners’ Club, where many worked for Lesney’s who produced Matchbox toys and other metal mouldings until the early 1980s. DOT CARTWRIGHT, former Lesney’s worker CATHY DANIELS, former cleaner and carer HARRY RESTIGHILI, former upholsterer MARGARET LOFT, former Lesney’s worker GORDON FRIER, current Chair of the Pensioner’s Club DOLLY BARNES, former Lesney’s worker
Members of the Trowbridge Pensioners’Club with some of the volunteer interviewers from I.D.
Matchbox memories
The Old Geezers’ Club
Every Tuesday in Bow, the Old Geezers get together.  Some recall jobs which are long gone, like the rag and bone man.  CHARLIE WIGGINS, former butcher RAY GIPSON, former councillor DOUGLAS CARNEGIE, former chauffeur JOHN GRIFFIN, former electrician JOHN DAY, former jack of many trades TED LEWIS, former fish porter and professional boxer
Outside these clubs we were also lucky enough to interview someone who could recall her family’s pre-war working life in the area, which included making the cages for London Zoo. EVELYN KNOWLES, former resident in Hackney Wick Click INDUSTRIAL DEVOLUTION to access more interviews from the project.
JOHN MCCLOUGHLIN, former ambulance man and undertaker
Tuesday afternoon with the geezers