Service Industries
   Helping hands 
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Griddlers cafe in Rothbury Road.
The are many other vital support roles in the area, more than we  can cover.  But here are two great people we encountered whose work is very much appreciated by people locally. MAYO GOLRUNSO, concierge at Omega Works JOE STILLION, computer repair shop proprietor Click INDUSTRIAL DEVOLUTION to access more interviews from the project.
A lot of employment is about assisting other people.  From cooking to counselling to computer repairs, we encountered a real diversity of service roles. The jobs outlined here are a reflection of both traditional roles and the changing needs of the area. 
Vegetable peelers based in Queen’s Yard
Food is a common theme, and the area has a rich and varied menu of catering roles. PAM OSCAR, catering manager at Gainsborough School FRANCO AVIETTE, proprietor, Griddlers Cafe PAULA ROBB, burger stall proprietor in Queen’s Yard. STEPHEN LOVE, bar manager The Yard Theatre RICHARD HOLLEY, proprietor The Whitepost Cafe
Hackney Wick children have been educated at Gainsborough Primary School since Victorian times.  Today employment at the school includes a number of non-teaching roles.
LIZ MURRAY BLIGH, school counsellor LOUISA ROBB, school attendance officer GILL HARVEY, teaching assistant