Newbridge Memo
   Everyone turns out to help or watch
LandSky copyright 2017
‘The Memo’, as it’s known, has played  a central role in the community for generations. That community turned out in force to audition and play supporting roles in a docudrama about the building’s history. LandSky coordinated the engagement and the search for memories and  souvenirs featured in the story.
A reconstruction of the building’s launch in the 1920’s
True cross-generational involvement
The filming week, in June 2015 was truly a memorable time for everyone involved. It gave local people a real taste of professional film production.  The key to the success of the shoot was to ensure no one felt taken for granted.  Just for a week, everyone was a star. You can see a trailor for the film here, but to see the whole Newbridge Experience film you’ll need to visit the NEWBRIDGE MEMO in South Wales.
Newbridge sits in the Welsh Valleys.  Its two pits are long gone, but one vestige of the past is the town’s Memorial Hall. Built with penny donations in tribute to neighbours who fell in the First World War, subscriptions produced a tardis of a building: a plain exterior with an expanse of art-deco inside. LandSky worked on the community engagement side of a project to make a film about the building’s origins.
Local volunteers play the role of their ancesters at the building’s opening
Tributes to Welsh forefathers
A taste of proffessional make-up and costumes