Stages of Half Moon
   The evolution of a theatre company
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Half Moon Theatre currently occupies an historic building in Limehouse. It is the theatre’s third home. Originally, the theatre set out to challenge the establishment.  Many actors and theatre professionals who went on to achieve great success, started out at Half Moon.  The theatre wanted to tell that story and called on LandSky to help. 
Half Moon’s second home in Mile End, which is now a pub.
Young people interview the stars
One of the volunteers conducts an interview for the project at Half Moon Theatre.
It was important to involve young people, so we decided to have all the interviews for the project conducted by members of the youth theatre.  In all 103 people were interviewed, including such names as Frances de la Tour, Stephen Berkoff and Simon Callow.  Their comments were edited and arranged to complement the archive documents displayed in a special website called THE STAGES OF HALF MOON. The rise and fall of a radical theatre company is charted there, along with the comprehensive story of the theatre’s rebirth as a leading children’s theatre.  And of course, HALF MOON THEATRE continues to go from strength to strength.
HALF MOON THEATRE in Limehouse is firmly established as one of the country’s premier production houses for children’s theatre.  But it wasn’t always like that. In the 1970s Half Moon was conceived as a radical left-wing fringe theatre when it was set up in a Whitechapel synagogue. LandSky got involved when the theatre decided to chart its history, helping with over 100 interviews for the project.