Town Hall Tales 3
Town Hall Tales 3 took place in February 2016.  It follows the success of our debut children’s literature festival, TOWN HALL TALES 1, and our follow up TOWN HALL TALES 2   Just like before, children from East London schools visited SHOREDITCH TOWN HALL to explore the building, meet authors and enjoy performances from HALF MOON YOUNG PEOPLE’S THEATRE. We’re delighted to say the success of the festival led to the Town Hall opening up the building later in the year for Townhall Takeover, when Hackney-based performers entertained local people for free across the building.  
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Story-teller Rez kabir weaves his magic for a group of children from Tower Hamlets schools.
How Town Hall Tales works Our model in an advance on more traditional children's book festivals.  It gives children a ‘double bite’ to create a truly memorable learning experience.  Away from school for a day the children find their imaginations opened to a world of books at Shoreditch Town Hall.  Follow-up workshops in the classroom develop the ideas seeded previously.
The wonder of theatre in Shoreditch’s best building It all starts with a visit to the magnificent Town Hall.  Here classes meet ‘their’ author and get a personal introduction to the book they’ll study.  They also watch a literature related play.
Children enjoy ‘Big Wow’from Half Moon Theatre, performed by Justin Coe.
Inspiration from famous authors. We work with well-known and up and coming authors, including Anthony Browne, Anne Cassidy, Benjamin Zephaniah and Chris Riddell.  Their workshops at the Town Hall are followed by a personal follow-up visit to the classroom to see the work they’ve inspired.
An introduction to libraries. Many of the children attending Town Hall Tales face language challenges.  Some  do not speak English at home and many are from families facing financial hardship.  For this reason we ensure the local library service is always represented at our festivals.  We are indebted to TOWER HAMLETS IDEA STORES for their long term support. We are grateful to The Foyle Foundation and the John Thaw Foundation for their financial assistance in delivering Town Hall Tales 3. The Department for Education and Ofsted are agreed that reading for pleasure facilitates broader learning.  Town Hall Tales make that happen.
Author Harry Oulton running his workshop in the Mayor’s Parlour.
Author Sam Gayton talks with year 6 children.