Town Hall Tales 1
Open to the public
Saturday March 2nd was when  authors, musicians, poets, actors and artists, all celebrating children’s books, met the public at our free event. 
Operation Robot Storm
Tall Story
LandSky copyright 2017
Teacher Resources    All the books featured in Town Hall Tales were provided with specially tailored teaching resources to make lesson planning easy.    Mike Owen developed a set of suggestions for classroom activities highlighting curriculum links.  Click on the book to download PDF copies of the two examples.  
Author David Lucas draws Halibut Jackson
Town Hall Tales was launched in East London in 2013 children and their families from schools around Shoreditch. Each child received a book, met it’s author and engaged in artistic activities linked to reading.  The festival promoted reading for pleasure and attracted over 20 authors including Benjamin Zephaniah and Michael Rosen. 
A children’s book festival which makes links with other art forms and engages families.
What happened We wanted to build a truly memorable learning experience for children.  For that we needed to take them out of school, to have them meet and identify with published authors and to show connections between reading other art forms. Our first festival happened in three stages:
Stage 1 Each class studied a book in school.  Every child had a copy, so no need to book share.  Teachers were provided with suggested lesson plans. The author visited and ran a workshop based on the text.
Stage 2 Shoreditch Town Hall hosted a follow-up author workshop for every class.  Classes were also invited to take part in related arts activities and to learn about their local library services.
Stage 3 All the children took home an invitation for their family to accompany them to the free festival on  Saturday.  Story- telling, drama, dance, art workshops and music, all for free.
Mrs H and the Singalong Band perform on the Saturday. 
What they said....... Some children’s comments: “Awesome book - can’t wait for The next.” “I loved acting out our own stories.” A teacher’s comment: “Lots of children were very inspired.  Our author was a great role model.” A parent’s comment: “The whole atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming, educational and fun.”.