Tales from Page to Screen
Tales from Page to Screen was a LandSky collaboration with HACKNEY LIBRARIES and the RIO CINEMA and was part of the DISCOVER YOUNG HACKNEY  festival 2014. A 3-day film-making workshop created trailers about books which were screened at the Rio and on the Hackney Live website in the run up to World Book Day in March.     There was also a chance to meet authors at Dalston Library and to watch films with a similar theme for free at the Rio.  Sarah Lean, Jim Smith and Caroline Lawrence all came to tell us about their books.      
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  DAY 1 FILM-MAKING ACTIVITIES: What makes a good film, what processes are involved, how to operate a camera and filming techniques, ideas, scriptwriting and creating a story-board. DAY 2 FILM-MAKING ACTIVITIES: Filming day, with some location filming off base.  Participants operate the camera, direct and act. DAY 3 FILM-MAKING ACTIVITIES: Editing the films.  Participants shown how to edit films and sound using Final Cut Pro.
A selection of photographs taken at previous workshop events run by LandSky at Dalston CLR James Library.
SEE THE FILMS WE PRODUCED!!!! Have a look at what people who completed the workshops produced!!! Everyone, especially the authors, were delighted with the films.  They even put them on their own websites. Have a look here at the Hackney Live  website and you can see all the trailers and some clips from the workshop sessions with the authors.