Tales of the White City
How it worked.....
A musical film, created by residents of the White City Estate in West London working with composer/director Benjamin Till and producer Penny Wrout.  BBC Outreach commissioned LandSky to produce the film which celebrates the people of White City. What we’ve ended up with is ‘Rooted and honest and runs the full gamut of emotions’, to quote TV Exec Producer Cath Hearne.    We owe a huge debt of gratitude to all the soloists in the film; all non- professionals performing like real troupers. WATCH TALES OF THE WHITE CITY  
LandSky copyright 2017
In early spring 2013 Composer Benjamin Till and producer Penny Wrout met dozens of people on the White City Estate. They were looking for people with good stories to tell on film.  Ben then  wrote songs about them and in May the team were back at the Bush Studios to record residents singing their songs. In June filming began, in July it was edited and by 13th September Tales of the White City was ready to premier.
Who made the film? Multi-award winning composer and director, Benjamin Till, is responsible for a string of musical documentary films about communities across the UK. Have a look at some by clicking on the links. 100 FACES SONGS FROM HATTERSLEY A SYMPHONY FOR YORKSHIRE You can also look at Benjamin’s WEBSITE.
Penny Wrout, a LandSky director and the film’s producer, has worked with Benjamin on other projects, notably THE LONDON REQUIEM She says, “The LandSky production team were bowled over by the hospitality and friendliness we encountered. We’re  extremely proud of the film and delighted by the responses it’s been getting since it first showed at the White City Festival in September.”
Contact Details If you want more information, please contact the team at: post@landsky.org
Project timetable Feb/March - Initial research  April - Song writing   May - Singers and musicians record in studios  June - Filming in various locations around the estate and Shepherd’s Bush  July - Editing  August - BBC sign off  September - Film premier at Phoenix High School in White City.
What’s it all about? The BBC has been associated with the White City area for sixty years.  This was the BBC’s invitation to local residents to take part in a musical film which celebrates the history and character of the area and its people. The film features residents with great stories to tell, but it doesn’t shy away from topical social issues.  The local vicar shares his experience of epilepsy and a campaigner describes why she is fighting against female genital mutilation.   Tales of the White City is shot in a variety of locations on the estate and in  Shepherd’s Bush.  There are sections involving residents passing on their words of wisdom, there’s dancing and almost every local primary school child is involved.  Tales of the White City is a genuinely touching tribute to the people who make up this wonderful community.  Here are some shots of just a few.